Recall of eTuks from EU Markets 

Two recalls after testing:

1) Lithium charger will overstep EU emission
2) Irregular behavior of the speedometer and battery gauge

In the next paragraph you will find the explanation of the two recalls. Attached you will find the list of affected vehicles per recall plus you will find the work instruction on how to solve it.

Most actual list of current recalls / service campaigns.

Click here to see if your vehicle has been affected.
If your vehicle VIN number is on the list, please contact your distributor or  [email protected].

1) Lithium charger will overstep EU emission

E-Tuk Factory has found that there is a likely possibility that the lithium charger will overstep EU emission limits during its start.
The emission would not lead to an unsafe vehicle or situation, but could cause other electrical devices or circuits to react.
We strongly recommend making a minor change to the installation of the charger to prevent this.
Work Instructions for Recall concerning QA01718 - EMC emissions from charger

2) Irregular behavior of the speedometer and battery gauge

During a recent electromagnetic immunity compliance test, E-Tuk Factory found irregular behavior of the speedometer and battery gauge.
It is possible that during the use of the vehicle in an electric field the speedometer will be sensitive to this field and beep and/or reset, and the battery gauge will show scrambled messages.
The vehicle will operate normally and will not be unsafe to drive, but the readings can be confusing to the driver. When the field is removed both gauges will restore to their normal function and are undamaged.
E-Tuk Factory recommends a simple replacement of the opto-coupler wiring towards the speedometer, and adding an extra ferrite clamp close to the BDI
Work Instruction Recall concerning QA01717 - EMC immunity behavior

How to find your vehicle's VIN number.
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How to manage the recall as a DB?

Please check the list with affected vehicles. Select your vehicle(s) from your region and inform the customer.
Please share the work instructions as well, because we are confident that the customer can manage them self.
If you spoke with the customer(s) please order the amount of parts you need via the webshop - - via your normal db account.
We will send the parts directly to the customer(s) or to your place if you service the vehicles in your own workshop.

From next week on we will have on the ETF website the work instruction(s) for the recall, but also a digital form that you can register per vehicle (VIN) if the recall has been done properly.
Please send me a message if it's not clear to you. No problem to help you out here.